1. Constitutional Rights 

We must never forget that many of our country’s founders sacrificed their lives and fortunes in order to secure our basic human rights, which are enumerated in our Constitution. Our rights come from God—not man—and our founders designed our foundational documents to protect and defend these God-given rights. 

2. Bathroom Bill

​I am shocked that this has become an issue.  Prior to the Obama Administration people always went in the bathroom of their biological gender.  With that being said, since this has become an issue, and we have seen cases of grown men going into women's restrooms (for perverse reasons).  I will support any bill that will keep grown men out of little girls restrooms (in public schools).  If an elected representative is not willing to protect a young girl from the potential of an adult male predator going into their bathroom, they should not be in office.  Period.

3. Gas Tax.
When elected I will fight to REPEAL the gas tax.  Our state is bringing in record amounts of tax revenue (i.e. our money), and we have a surplus of over two billion dollars.  Passing this gas tax is unethical, and an undue burden on our families.  It does not take a math or business degree to understand that raising the fuel and diesel tax, on the companies which transfer products to stores, will cost the consumer more on both ends.  The shipping companies will not eat that additional overhead cost; they will pass that on to the consumer (raising the cost of products).  At the end of the day our families will pay more in the store, and more at the pump.”  


4. Pro-Life 
I am 100% pro-life. I believe our self-evident rights, as enumerated in the Constitution, come from God – not from government – and that it’s the government’s responsibility to protect our God-given rights. I believe those rights extend to the unborn. 

5. Veterans 
On average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day because they cannot get the help that they need.  We should require any elected representative using tax payer funded insurance to use the same hospitals as our veterans and the problems with poor service and delayed appointments will end overnight. 

6. Infrastructure 
While Wilson County has continued to grow, thanks to private businesses, the county has been crumbling in regards to infrastructure. We need someone who will fight to bring back OUR tax dollars to provide funding for projects that will help relieve traffic congestion, without raising taxes.

7. Education

We need to break away from the financial ties of the Department of Education.  The federal government has no business telling Tennessee how and what we should teach our students.  We need to give teachers the freedom to educate our children without the overbearing federal government being involved.  We do not need states like California dictating the curriculum taught to our students.  NO COMMON CORE !

8.  Medicinal Marijuana/CBD
I have personally witnessed family friends (1 with Parkinson's, the other, a child with chronic seizures), get extreme peace and relief from CBD oil, when nothing else worked.  I don't believe we should deny anyone something that can minimize their pain and suffering.    

9. Prison Reform 
We must give people the opportunity to overcome their past. If people make mistakes, they should have to face the consequences of their actions. However, we must also give them an opportunity to overcome their mistakes and become productive members of society. In many cases, once people have a felony associated with their name they are not given opportunities to work and provide for their families, and in some cases, revert back to the illegal actions that led them to jail. We must focus on the curing the root cause of their actions and help them, instead of punishing them for life.​  I also support teaching people a trade or skill, while they are serving time, so that they will have higher odds of being productive upon their release.

10. End Private Prisons and Private Probation Companies 

I am unequivocally opposed to private prisons and private parole companies. In no way should we ever allow companies to profit from the destruction of a family.  This creates a system where companies are motivated to keep people in prison or on parole, instead of helping the people overcome whatever led them to being in that position.

11. Addiction Rehab

I am a strong supporter of finding a solution to our communities drug and alcohol epidemic.  I believe people use substances to fill a void they have in their life and mask pains.  We have an opportunity to help cure the root issue of these addictions and potentially change the course of history for their family.  When we cure a person, and they are no longer addicted to a substance, their children and family will grow up in stronger home.  I will support any cause and/or group which works to cure addictions. 

12. Business Taxes 
We should eliminate the LLC license tax.  A Tennessee company should not have to pay $300 annually for the "right" to be in business and pay taxes to the state.     

​   ​

13.  Gun Rights

I am a proud gun owner and support "Constitutional Carry."  The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  Being born in Canada, I thank God everyday for the rights we have (as Americans) and will not back down from supporting these God given rights.  It blows my mind that legislators cant grasp the simple concept that "criminals don't follow laws".  

14.  Term Limits

I believe in term limits.  It is important that people do not become "life-time" politicians, and that is why once elected I will never run for an office that I have served in for longer than eight years.  If the President can only serve eight years that should also be true for all elected representatives.  

15. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)

Many people are familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but not many people know that the TDEC has more strict rules than the EPA, which hurts businesses success.  While we all want clean air and water we must limit the power of the state government and it's stifling regulations that hurt the growth of businesses.  We only need common sense regulations, not the overbearing state regulations, which are currently in place.

16. End Political Lifetime Benefits

I find it morally wrong that a person elected to office (for a few years) to represent us receives life time benefits (tax payer funded) while families are struggling to survive.  When elected I will work to end this practice.      

17. End Corporate PAC Donations

Until we are able to remove a corporations ability to donate to candidates (via: Political Action Committees/PACs) people like my opponent (who received around $80,000 in her last two elections from PACs) will continue to vote for the will of the corporations, and raise our taxes.  Example: she voted for the largest tax increase in our state's history which directly financially benefited Pilot Fuel (Gas, Diesel, Registration Tax Increase).  ​ 

18. End Civil Assets Forfeiture
The state of Tennessee collects millions of dollars each year through unconstitutional means (civil assets forfeiture).  This must end.  It is immoral that a person can be pulled over, while carrying a "large" amount of their own cash, and then it is taken (for no reason).  The median average taken is $502 (hardly a large amount).  

19. Trade Schools

I am blessed to have great employees, but as a business owner I have seen the lack of skilled labor first hand.  Not everyone has to go to college and burden themselves with student loans.  There are great paying skilled trade jobs for those who are willing to work.  We need to encourage youth to pursue these trades, and not tell everyone they must go to college.